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so, sue me.

If you are so angry, why don't go ahead and sue me. (A rude way of brushing off an angry person.) A: You ran into my car! You didn't even look where you were going! B: So, sue me.
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sue for something

to file a lawsuit in order to get something. If you so much as harm a hair on my head, I will sue for damages. Ted sued for back pay in his dispute with a former employer.
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sue someone for something

to file a lawsuit against someone in order to get something. I will sue you for damages if you do anything else to my car! She sued her employer for failure to provide a safe workplace.
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sue the pants off (of) someone

Sl. to sue someone for a lot of money. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) If they harm me in any way, I'll sue the pants off of them. He sued the pants off his landlord.
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sue for

1. To institute legal proceedings against some person for some redress of grievances: The actor is suing a former TV star for $30 million. Their aunt and uncle sued for custody of the children.
2. To make an appeal or entreaty for something: The people of this country are suing for peace.
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(So,) sue me!

tv. So, if you are so bothered or offended, take me into court and sue me. (A way of saying There is nothing you can do about it.) You don’t like the way I talk? So, sue me!
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sue me!

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sue the pants off (of) someone

tv. to sue someone for a lot of money. If they do it, I’ll sue the pants off of them.
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sue the pants off someone

See also: off, pant, sue
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When family practitioners get sued, it's often because they fail to make a timely diagnosis.
Current and retired female employees initiated a class action and sued the plan administrator, the plan and the sponsor alleging that they had failed to account for maternity leave when calculating time in service for pension calculations.
25) Plaintiffs sued the county alleging that sheriff's deputies used excessive force in four separate incidents and that the officers' actions resulted in part from inadequate training.
Sued physicians usually contact their malpractice insurer quickly and then talk with a malpractice attorney.
Montgomery also argued that her claim against the firm did not fall within the policy exclusion because she sued as an investor rather than as a partner.
Stein told Rendell about how he had just been sued over a freak accident that didn't involve him and took place hundreds of miles away.
In April, the big El Segundo-based toy maker sued a former designer who ended up creating the Bratz dolls for MGA.
The story reports that the Clinton people are outraged that American companies have been victimized by excessive and arbitrary multimillion-dollar liability awards, many far out of line with the magnitude of the transactions being sued over, and, even more disturbing, based on retroactive application of law not on the books at the time the companies acted.
A group of limited partners sued the partnerships and received a settlement of approximately $40 million.
A non-licensed broker who is defrocked, so to speak, who receives a commission can be sued for four times the amount of that commission by the party who paid it.
A Florida woman, who was taken off an airplane in Dallas and asked to pull a vibrating sex toy out of one of her checked bags, has sued Delta Airlines citing public humiliation.
That's not stopping Drew Pomerance, a Westwood-based attorney who recently sued 21st Century on behalf of a ``consumer representative.
Truth be known, the EPA wants to be sued, because every time they are sued it expands the reach of the Clean Air Act.
However, there is a question of whether Heger and Wehr can be sued by Carney for alleged negligence or their testimony in court.