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But these teeth aren't designed for chewing; they spear the prey as the shark readies to suck it down whole.
A battalion of tut-tutting elderly relatives who disapprove of dummies are heading your way, armed with the report last week that children who suck them are prone to infection.
Two: the System sucks, unless, or until, you suck too, when it still sucks but you don't mind so much.
These nanotubes can suck up all sorts of small molecules, says Jeremy Q.
In a statement issued today, Bruce Novotny, originator of That Sucks, reported, "National That Sucks Day was created to celebrate the dismal feeling we in the U.
The vortex in the shower has a low-pressure center--and that sucks in the shower curtain.
BEAVIS: How come, like, some stuff sucks, but then, like, some stuff is pretty cool?
The high salt concentration in the gut sucks water out of cells, and diarrhea ensues.
And Carl, whose marketing sucks so badly it's brilliant, always goes away richer.
Written with both wit and wisdom, "Grammar Sucks: What To Do To Make Your Writing Much More Better" is the collaborative work of Joanne Kimes (writer for a number of children's and comedy television shows, as well as coauthor of "Pregnancy Sucks" and "Pregnancy Sucks For Men") and Gary Robert Muschla (an expert and published author of several titles on writing, grammar, and reading instruction).
Dear Miriam MY lovely grandson will be nine years old in October and he still sucks his thumb, mostly when he is tired or watching the TV.
While there are a few that echo the "my town sucks and cops suck" mentality of letters to the editor, most rise far above that level, proving that skateboarders can be deep thinkers when the time is right.
Arrundo sucks up water, and because it is nonnative, it damages the delicate balance of the river's native plant life.
Dear Miriam MY 13- year-old grandson st ill sucks his thumb.
We had to do it over email, which really sucks, because you're unable to have an actual conversation with the person--like if I ask him a question and that answer leads to another question with some relevance to our conversation.