suck up

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suck something up

to pick something up by suction, as with a vacuum cleaner, or through a straw. Will this vacuum suck all this dirt up? The vacuum cleaner sucked up all the dirt.
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suck up (to somebody)

to praise someone in order to win their approval or good opinion She's always sucking up to the boss, telling him how wonderful he is.
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suck up

1. To draw or pull something in by or as if by suction: I sucked up the soda through a straw. There was a lot of dirt on the floor, but the vacuum cleaner sucked it up quickly.
2. Slang To suppress some pain or emotion: I thought that job was beneath me, but I really needed the money, so I sucked up my pride and accepted it. I know the pain you're feeling is intense, but you have to suck it up until we get to the hospital!
3. Slang suck up to To behave obsequiously; fawn: I was unable to ask any good questions in class without my peers saying that I was sucking up to the teacher.
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The Too Tarts SmartChoice product lineup includes Super Sweet and Sour Blast Liquid Spray candy, Xtra Sour Goo, Sweet and Sour Suck Ups, Screaming Sour Powder Pods, Dream Chews and new ROCK'N RAISINS.
The already nationally-distributed brand, which includes Sour Blast and Super Sweet spray candies, Xtra Sour Goo, UFOs and Suck Ups, will offer new formulations for each product that will contain fruit juice concentrates--the equivalent of 100 percent juice per container--no refined sugar, a 50-60 percent reduction in calories and even more appealing flavor.
The Jammy Juice formulation has already been flavor tested with kids in Too Tarts Suck Ups, and has met with enormous success.
Too Tarts is America's best selling kids candy, with nationwide distribution, and makers of Sour Blast, Super Sweet and Sweet Heet sprays, Xtra Sour Goo, UFOs and new Suck Ups miniature baby bottles.