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But often poor people cannot observe so many Precautions, and such Mothers are obliged to give their Children suck from the first day.
Out on the street, (un)life is better, too: when the gangsta rapper at the pizza parlor hassles her, Kathy just takes him home and sucks his blood.
Like Bang and Suck, its filled with athleticism and jokes and is accompanied by sounds made on and by the dancers' bodies.
Well I'm 27 now so it's a bit embarrassing if my mum sucks it out, so Michelle got out of the car and there she is, in Costco car park, giving me a love bite on my back, trying to suck the sting from the wasp out and I'm crying like a big girl.
When it spies chow, such as an octopus, this shark sucks in prey like a vacuum cleaner.
Despite the unpleasantness of the operation it has not stopped the celebs and thousands of Irish People, for a good old suck.
BEAVIS: Yeah, if one of them didn't Suck, then why would you need the other, uhhh, 300 hundred channels?
I'm sure Grosso telling us his awesome handplants suck is like us trying to explain to Eddie Reategui why Rodil Junior is not the world's finest street skater.
Babies need to suck and if they are breast-fed, there is a limit to the amount of time you can keep them on the breast.
Euphemistically known in tropical climates as the kissing bug, the insect Rhodnius prolixus lives in cracks and crevices but crawls out to suck human blood.
The road to a possible nightlife phenomenon called Hamer out of the telecommunications world (he founded long-distance reseller Allsouth Communications) and Higgins out of information technology to create Suck & Blow, the first interactive beverage in the alcohol industry.
While there are a few that echo the "my town sucks and cops suck" mentality of letters to the editor, most rise far above that level, proving that skateboarders can be deep thinkers when the time is right.
Children who suck their thumbs are more likely to suffer tooth decay, according to a report out yesterday.
They applied leeches, one at a time for eight days, to suck up stagnant blood.
These nanotubes can suck up all sorts of small molecules, says Jeremy Q.