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bring (something) to a successful conclusion

To complete something with a positive or favorable outcome. Although we struggled to finish the presentation on time, we were able to bring it to a successful conclusion.

bring something to a successful conclusion

to complete something successfully. They brought the battle to a successful conclusion. The case was brought to a successful conclusion by the prosecutor.
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So the question is: "What determines successful mentoring relationships?
I'll be very successful, and I'll make a lot of people happy at the same time.
In the chapter "Finding Your Niche and Turning It Into a Money-making Business," Brown, a contributing editor and a former senior editor at BLACK ENTERPRISE, illustrates how college student David Mays spun his love of hip-hop music into a successful music magazine, The Source.
A successful interrogation results in a guilty or involved criminal suspect's making a confession or admitting participation in an illegal activity.
a uniquely successful democratic and capitalist society.
Dallek identifies five characteristics common to successful presidents--vision, pragmatism, consensus, charisma, and trust--and looks at each one in terms of presidents who have had them and presidents who have not.
Results from these studies indicated that the successful students provided more internal, stable and controllable attributions than did their less successful counterparts.
Forty to over fifty percent of the learning disabled (LD) young adults who exit today's high schools fail to make a successful transition to employment (Will, 1984 and Sitlington, Frank & Carson, 1990).
Based on the teachings of world-class athlete and self-made millionaire Russ Dalbey, Successful Living, Inc.
According to the result notification issued by Controller Examination, a total of 277 candidates appeared in MA Political Science part-I, of whom 157 candidates were declared successful showing 58 pass percentage.
The following are the services and/or items that the successful Offeror will be required to provide to the County and should be addressed in each Offeror%s proposal.
This study shows that projects with similar attributes across the country have been successful in ways that are explicitly relevant to the New York debate.
How does the successful landlord make money off real estate rentals?
Internet Breaking News--Dan Looker, Successful Farming
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