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sub for someone or something

to substitute for someone or something. I have to sub for Roger at work this weekend. Will pliers sub for the wrench you wanted?
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sub someone for (someone else)

 and sub something for something else
to substitute someone for someone else or something for something else. I will sub Chuck for Roger for this next play only. We will sub the red ones for the blue ones.
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substitute for someone or something

to serve as a replacement for someone or something. I have to substitute for Roger at work this weekend. Do you think that this will substitute for the one you wanted?
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substitute someone for (someone else)

 and substitute something for something else
to exchange someone or something for someone or something else; to replace someone or something with someone or something else. Shall I substitute Fred for Mary in the front office? Please substitute fish for beef on my dinner order.
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12] because it allows the party to nominate his or her substitute.
Still others are losing qualified substitutes to full-time jobs as the economy slowly recovers.
The sugar substitutes market has been growing over the last few years and this trend is projected to continue until 2020.
The skin substitutes were engineered through the use of split-thickness skin biopsies from 16 children with full-thickness burns covering an average total body surface area of 78% and a high of 95%.
Market size data for Tissue Engineered - Skin Substitutes market segments - Synthetic Skin Substitutes, Biosynthetic Skin Substitutes and Biologic Skin Substitutes.
Everton's first substitute at Goodison Park was a goalkeeper - when Andy Rankin replaced the injured Gordon West against Nuremberg in the Fairs Cup (the precursor to the Europa League) on October 12 1965.
The Vegan Substitutes Guide app targets new vegans, those who are just experimenting, or people looking for healthier ways to prepare their favorite foods.
When the degree of saltiness between plant salt substitutes and sodium chloride is the same, plant salt substitutes contain 43% less sodium than sodium chloride, making it possible to use them to reduce an individual's sodium intake, while retaining the salty taste of sodium chloride.
One substitute teacher notes on the Web site Guest Teacher, "If I have a really bad day, I jot down the teacher's name, and if they ever offer that class again, I refuse and state exactly why.
A teachers union official encouraged those who plan to volunteer on Election Day for school board member Jon Lauritzen to say they wanted the day off for "professional development" -- meaning the district would have to pay for the substitute, not the union, a Reseda High School teacher said Friday.
Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)--A scrap substitute material created by a process that uses natural gas to produce a substance that contains as much as 97 percent pure iron.
These likely substitutes would also qualify for the Sec.
Rivalry occurs among health care providers whose services are close substitutes for each other, especially when one provider acts to improve its standing or protect its position.
Rivers--tall, solid-looking, with a baritone voice and a powerful presence-gets less lip than most substitutes.
Because substitute teachers are temporary workers (by definition), many substitutes discussed that they felt their actions were "under the microscope" by other teachers and administrators.