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subordinate someone or something to (someone or something else)

to put someone in an inferior position to someone else; to put something in an inferior position to something else. I am going to have to subordinate you to the other manager, because she has more experience. The first thing you learn is that you must subordinate yourself to your boss.
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The research sets forth pressures that affect logical judgments in a manager and subordinate performance, such as anger, environmental factors, and unfamiliarity of situations, all of which impact decision making.
The book identifies six core responsibilities of the mid-level manager and six rules for their delegation critical to the position and the interface with upper management, including subordinate development.
Yet Rick's situation involves not lack of authority or expertise--they are adequately trained, have the necessary skills, and he wants them to take ownership--but lack of willingness on the part of subordinates to accept the level of empowerment offered by their manager.
Even when they find a subordinate to be dislikable, physician executives do not appear to become overly forceful in the way they communicate to persuade the subordinate.
The intentionally subjective questions are designed to discern how the subordinate perceives the supervisor.
The results show that the physician executives were significantly more likely to use the strategies of reason and friendliness when influencing a subordinate who communicates in an attractive than in an unattractive style.
15,000,000 student loan asset-backed notes, subordinate series 2003-B-1 (taxable), 'A';
5% sales tax, authorized in 1970, which is not pledged to the senior or subordinate lien sales tax bonds.
60 subordinate series 2006A turbo capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2046 'BBB'
The rating downgrade to 'BBB' from 'BBB+' on the senior lien bonds, which are secured by a net revenue pledge of airport system net revenues and an irrevocable commitment of passenger facility charge receipts, reflects management's decision to circumvent the flow of funds under the master trust indenture and purposely pay a portion of July 2006 scheduled senior and subordinate lien interest payments from debt service reserve funds.
The subordinate lien bonds are secured by the repayments of its separate loan portfolios, the excess cash flows from the senior lien bonds, and repayments from a smaller portfolio of direct loans.
80% Series B-1 Subordinate Cumulative Preferred Shares ("Series B-1 Subordinate Preferred Shares"), respectively.
The $150 million Subordinate Credit Agreement is a multi-draw facility with initial availability of a maximum of $15 million.
27,000,000 class B-FL floating-rate subordinate notes upgraded to 'AAA' from 'AA';
The 'AAA' rating for the EFC MFI senior and subordinate lien SRF bonds is based on substantial reserves, which currently total $845 million, or 37% of senior and subordinate lien MFI bonds, and the diversification and credit quality of the loan pool, which includes approximately 320 participants.