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subordinate someone or something to (someone or something else)

to put someone in an inferior position to someone else; to put something in an inferior position to something else. I am going to have to subordinate you to the other manager, because she has more experience. The first thing you learn is that you must subordinate yourself to your boss.
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The book identifies six core responsibilities of the mid-level manager and six rules for their delegation critical to the position and the interface with upper management, including subordinate development.
Second, he presents a 10-step subordinate counseling session structure.
How can we, as leaders or managers, expect our subordinates to help us achieve our hopes and dreams for the organization if they aren't even sure where we're leading them?
Kotter argues in his book Leading Change, a critical and unfortunately often-missing part of strategic direction is the ability of managers to sufficiently convey their vision to subordinates.
The results strongly suggest that physician executives' communicator style preferences are affected by whether or not they like or dislike the subordinates they are attempting to persuade.
Step 2: Each subordinate completes the form and seals it in an envelope marked confidential and addressed to the executive who will use the information.
Physician executives in this investigation were significantly more likely to rely on the "softer" strategies of reason and friendliness to persuade a subordinate who communicates in an attractive than in an unattractive style.
The tax-exempt senior series 2006-A-1 and 2006-A-2 and tax-exempt subordinate series 2006-B-1 bonds are 35-day auction rate with legal final maturities of Sept.
Both the senior lien and subordinate lien trustees have waived the county's obligation to provide audited statements for 2004, 2005 and prospectively, provided the county pursues the resolution of the accounting issues.
00 subordinate series 2006C turbo capital appreciation bonds due June 1, 2055 'BB-'.
As subordinate lien bonds matured, and the related reserve fund requirement declined, the authority expected to recover these balances.
00% Series B-3-1 Subordinate Perpetual Preferred Shares ("Series B-3-1 Subordinate Preferred Shares") and $7,875 per share on its 6.
Advances under the subordinate facility will be in the form of either base rate loans or Eurodollar loans.
14,384,000 class B-FX fixed-rate subordinate notes upgraded to 'AAA' from 'AA';
9 billion of outstanding senior lien pooled financing program state revolving funds (SRF) bonds and on $198 million in outstanding subordinate lien bonds, both of which are secured by the EFC's master financing indenture (MFI).