submit to

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submit someone or something to something

to allow someone or something to undergo the effects of something. I hate to submit you to all this questioning, but that is the way we do things here. Don't submit your car to a lot of misuse.

submit to something

to surrender to something; to agree to something. He submitted to the cross-examination. She will probably refuse to submit to surgery.

submit to

1. To give in to some authority, power, or desire of another: The children are at a rebellious age and refuse to submit to the wishes of their parents.
2. To allow oneself to be subjected to something: The pledges submitted to the humiliation of the fraternity's hazing rituals.
References in classic literature ?
When my interference had restored my unworthy rival to his freedom, could I submit to the degrading necessity of seeing her in his presence, of speaking to her under his eyes?
She is a plain woman; but I have seen uglier women than she whose caresses I could have endured without the sense of shrinking that comes over me when I am obliged to submit to
I will submit to anything to obtain the unutterable happiness of seeing her
Then, if you can do nothing, submit to those that can.
She will never submit to any thing requiring industry and patience, and a subjection of the fancy to the understanding.
Is her son determined to submit to this, and to all the tediousness of the many years of suspense in which it may involve you, rather than run the risk of her displeasure for a while by owning the truth?
There were other cases, however, in which men who had got grants of these secularised benefices, were desirous of retaining them for their own use, without having the influence sufficient to establish their purpose ; and these became frequently unable to protect themselves, however unwilling to submit to the exactions of the feudal tyrant of the district.
Thus he was once more compelled to submit to their tyranny.
Section 2808 also requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to the cognizant congressional committees, within seven days after operation and maintenance funds are obligated for a construction project, notice that includes the following:
Despite Data Bank costs that are four times higher than in the Unisys contract (see below), an executive of one of the largest malpractice insurance companies said that in 1992 there continue to be "rather frequent" data entry or keying errors in the many malpractice reports they submit to the Data Bank.
And to help eliminate the tedious paperwork for consumers, we will keep track of FSA-eligible purchases and provide customers with receipts to submit to their FSA administrators.