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Thereby the submerging rocks of the oceanic plate stay relatively cold up to great depth, which makes the exchange of elements between the mineral components exceptionally difficult.
Cream or milk is blended with flour, Parmesan cheese and perhaps white wine, then poured over the greens, submerging each bare leaf in rich, calorie-packed seductiveness.
As the great blanket of continental ice melted at that time, global sea levels swelled by more than 90 meters, submerging many Arctic regions where hydrate layers exist.
It's fascinating to watch the dipper search for shallow-water insects as it scurries about in the riffles, submerging its head to look under rocks for food.
He said people in the city were left with no escape routes after torrential rains on Friday damaged three bridges and made a dam overflow, submerging entire neighbourhoods.
The waters have breached the banks of the river at many places and has over flowed in Karnal district submerging scores of villages and destroying acres of crops.