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submerge someone or something in something

to immerse someone or something in a liquid. The preacher submerged Jeff in the water of the river as part of the baptism ceremony. Submerge the fish in the marinade for at least two hours.
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submerge someone or something under something

to put someone or something below the surface of a liquid. The maid submerged her mistress under the surface of the water for a moment and brought her up and dried her off. They submerged themselves under the surface of the water and had a look around.
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Floodwater submerges a vehicle in the Patani community in Nigeria's Delta state on October 15.
Bobbing: By first holding the partner's hand then performing alone, each student submerges under water by doing a deep knee bend and holding their breath for a count of three.
The device impacts the water, submerges and turns upside down while the student is strapped in the "cockpit.
The furnace charger conduit permits accumulation of a sufficient quantity of scrap material contained above the surface of the molten metal so that when the weight balance between the column of scrap material and the specific gravity of the molten metal is overcome, the column of scrap metal automatically submerges itself further into the bath.
When the submarine submerges, GPS signals can no longer be received so the Timing Module must maintain its accuracy for up to 24 hours with less than 1 microsecond of drift.