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They include tip-over, which can submerge and trap the child or allow the child to escape the seat; entrapment, in which case the bath seat remains upright while the child becomes entrapped or submerged; and "coming out," in which the bath seat remains upright and the child comes out of the bath seat and drowns.
The IPL Lobster Trays are available in two variables: the Submerge version in which trays filled with lobster are submerged in an existing tank and the Cascade version, standal one system that features water-tight trays stacked together in which water sprayed on the top tray overflows into each tray below.
Enlisting the help of 64 volunteers, each participant was asked to submerge their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as possible while repeating a swear word of their choice.
The River Yamuna is threatening to submerge more villages in the region.
The government hasn't issued any insurance to us so what will we do if our rickshaws submerge in the water," said Guddu, a rickshaw puller.
Initial trials have indicated that between 40-75% of molten metal weight/cu ft is required to continually submerge the column of scrap into the molten metal.