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from the sublime to the ridiculous

Fig. from something fine and uplifting to something ridiculous or mundane. After Mr. Jones had introduced my wife to his wife, he jokingly turned to introduce me and said, "From the sublime to the ridiculous." After the opera singer finished, the master of ceremonies introduced the comic juggler saying, "From the sublime to the ridiculous...."
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From the sublime to the ridiculous is only a step.

Prov. Something grand can easily become very funny. Bob, I don't think you should include a bowl of breakfast cereal in your still-life painting. From the sublime to the ridiculous is only a step. The production of Macbeth went from the sublime to the ridiculous when Lady Macbeth came onstage in an old army uniform.
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from the sublime to the ridiculous

From the beautiful to the silly, from great to puny. For example, They played first Bach and then an ad jingle-from the sublime to the ridiculous. The reverse, from the ridiculous to the sublime, is used with the opposite meaning. Coined by Tom Paine in The Age of Reason (1794), in which he said the two are so closely related that it is but one step from one to the other, the phrase has been often repeated in either order.
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4 The Long Christmas Ride Home The sublimely gifted Paula Vogel returned with this tragic story of parents and the gay children they reject, told with puppeteer Basil Twist.
Brawn also figured, but sublimely in Claire Porter's Namely Muscles, the apotheosis of words at the festival.
The traditions of animal behavior celebrate do-it-yourself flair, and experiments mix the sublimely high tech with the ridiculously simple.
And after the break, Cameroon international Geremi sublimely lifted a 25-yard shot over a stranded Robinson.
A taste sensation so sublimely rich, it's destined to become a classic.
Moore, Burnley's pounds 1 million striker, evaded two defenders before sublimely curling the ball home.
In a sublimely practical move, Augustine refused to allow the perfection of the heavenly city to undermine striving for its semblance in the earthly.
And just as I think Truman was right to send troops to South Korea, John Kennedy was right, sublimely so, to decide on the blockade as a way to defuse the missile crisis, instead of authorizing the air strikes on Cuba that Dean Acheson and other senior advisers urged.
JAMDAT Bowling is sublimely simple -- just aim, adjust spin and power to send the ball rolling, and watch the pins fall in realistic gameplay.
Why are teachers so sublimely sure they know more about children than do their parents?
FEATURING Andreya Triana on vocals, this is a sublimely atmospheric track featuring The Portico Quartet's Jack Wiley on sax, it's no wonder Bonobo is the best-selling of the artists on the Ninja Tune label.
Best, however, are the crowd-pleasing Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) and setlist closer, the sublimely soulful Try A Little Tenderness.
MY disabled in-laws - 91 and blind and 88 and frail, confused and arthritic - have, I feel, been sublimely bullied into having a wheelie bin.
ON Wednesday Arsenal went to the home of a team one place below them in the Premiership, left out a handful of their best players, missed a couple of penalties but still played sublimely in a 3-1 win.
Four-time poetry slam champion Patricia Smith presents Teahouse of the Almighty, an anthology of dynamic, free-verse poetry that sublimely captures the thrills and dilemmas of the human experience.