subject to

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subject (one) to (someone or something)

To force someone to tolerate, endure, or deal with someone or something. I'm sorry for subjecting you to my dad's political rant; he can't talk about anything else at dinner. The government subjected the prisoner to all sorts of physical and mental torture to extract information from him.
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subject to (something)

Susceptible to something beforehand; likely or inclined to experience something. During your stay at this institution, your room will be subject to weekly inspections. We're subject to a yearly audit by an accounting firm that specializes in overseas tax law.
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subject someone or something to something

to cause someone to endure someone or something. I didn't mean to subject you to Uncle Harry. I am sorry I have to subject you to all this questioning.
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subject to something

likely to have something, such as a physical disorder, The sick man was subject to dizzy spells. I am subject to frequent headaches.
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subject to

To cause someone to undergo or experience something: The commander subjected the troops to daily inspections. The oil platform was subjected to extreme weather.
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1503-2(b)(i), a DCL cannot offset the taxable income of any domestic affiliate, regardless of whether the (1) loss offsets income of another person under a foreign country's income tax laws and (2) income that the loss may offset in the foreign country is, has been or will be subject to tax in the U.
Prohibited activities or transactions by a person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States include:
Therefore, those foundries subject to the iron and steel MACT will not have to worry about the CAM rule, because the MACT will contain a CAM-equivalent protocol.
In a plan that provides for 100-percent vesting in the entire account balance, in the year in which an employee becomes vested in his benefit under such a plan, the amount included in wages subject to FICA tax for the year is the total amount credited to the employee's account at the time he becomes vested (including income on amounts previously deferred, if any).
The biweekly or monthly payments to laid-off employees were SUCBs, not subject to FICA or RRTA.
The amended rule defines the above terms and includes examples of corporations that are subject to tax because they are engaged in one or more of these activities in the City.
If the LLC is a nonservice partnership, the partnership will be treated as a limited partnership, and members will be treated as LPs not subject to SE tax.
Under sections 274(n)(2)(A) and 274(e)(5), XYZ's deductible M&E expense for the lunch is not subject to the 50% limitation.
The plaintiff argued that Cudahy was essentially doing business in North Carolina because Cudahy and the related corporation (which was admittedly subject to North Carolina jurisdiction) were "merged" (i.
partner are subject to complex transfer-pricing rules.
Thus the embezzler would be required to report the restitution as a miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to the two-percent adjusted gross income exclusion in the year of the restitution.
954-1T(d) adds a gloss to the statutory exemption by providing that an item of income is subject to the high tax exception only if foreign taxes were paid or accrued (or deemed paid or accrued) with respect to that income.
1031(b)-1(c) states that consideration received in the form of an assumption of liabilities (or a transfer subject to a liability) is to be treated as "other property or money.
If a subject to be arrested has not threatened anyone, the arresting officers initially can apply little or no force and then escalate their response as needed.