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subdivide something into something

to divide something into parts. They subdivided the land into several valuable parcels. Sam tried to subdivide his large lot into three smaller lots, but the zoning commission wouldn't let him do it.
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1237, which permits the client to receive long-term capital gain treatment when they subdivide land that is:
Assume a taxpayer had entered into an arrangement with a real estate broker under which the broker was to find property suitable for subdividing and resale, the taxpayer advanced the money to purchase the property, and the broker did all the work necessary to subdivide and sell the property to home builders.
The developer also is seeking city approvals to subdivide the property into three lots - two acres for the hotel site, 1.
Given the restricted space, it was decided not to subdivide the shell into separate rooms but retain it as a single entity maintaining its height and full extent.
In this case, a partnership was allowed to subdivide the land and obtain capital gains on most of the profit.
Utilizing the local expertise of NAI Batten & Moore of Charleston, SC, the team proposed a plan to subdivide the property, selling the raw land separately and then the adjoining distribution center as a sale-leaseback.
NSF will instead subdivide the master list into its 35 research divisions, which means that reviewing even its smallest files may require scanning thousands of names.
This is an ideal opportunity for an investor looking for a large amount of developable land, either for commercial, or for residential space with the potential to subdivide," stated Chippendale.
This property has a stable cash flow and the offering is attractive to investors who would be looking to subdivide the 2045 building or a purchaser that is looking to occupy the building," Newmark Knight Frank's Carton said.
Taylor was charged with illegally issuing certificates by which landowners avoided public hearings, thousands of dollars worth of fees and other requirements to subdivide property.