in good shape

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*in good shape

 and *in good condition physically and functionally sound and sturdy. (Used for both people and things. *Typically: be ~; get ~; keep ~.)
This car isn't in good shape. I'd like to have one that's in better condition. Mary is in good condition. She exercises and eats right to stay healthy. You have to make an effort to get into good shape.
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References in classic literature ?
The sturdy landlord had a large pair of dull fish-like eyes, and the little man who had hazarded the remark about the moon (and who was the parish-clerk and bell-ringer of Chigwell, a village hard by) had little round black shiny eyes like beads; moreover this little man wore at the knees of his rusty black breeches, and on his rusty black coat, and all down his long flapped waistcoat, little queer buttons like nothing except his eyes; but so like them, that as they twinkled and glistened in the light of the fire, which shone too in his bright shoe-buckles, he seemed all eyes from head to foot, and to be gazing with every one of them at the unknown customer.
Still, they had not come upon Flintwinch yet; so the sturdy digging and shovelling and carrying away went on without intermission by night and by day.
Now veteran front-row Adam Sturdy is hoping the forwards can maintain their good form and help drive Stourbridge back up the table to challenge for a promotion spot at the end of the season.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sturdy Girl Sports, the premium sports bra brand for large-breasted female athletes, announces a shiny new website at www.
com AmericA responsible lot of good But did they also world's most sturdy paper?
Fla shback needles for vacutainers, 23G X 1 inch, transparent hub, wings for sturdy grip
Designed keeping in mind women and make-up artists who are constantly on the move, the palette is strong and sturdy, ensuring the pans stays intact.
A sturdy 40% of travellers also said that getting into London from Heathrow and Gatwick is a real headache.
Earlier this year, Caroline Sturdy Colls embarked on a mission to reveal exactly what the Nazis were trying to hide at Treblinka.
The large and sturdy 2014 Duster comes equipped with sturdy on-road and off-road precision, making it a suitable SUV for Saudi Arabian weather conditions.
LAST week Vicky Bradshaw asked for advice on choosing a sturdy shoe rack.
Book Information: The Twelve Attunements - Author: Cassandra Sturdy - Publisher: Createspace/KDP.
Double centurion Adam Sturdy is targeting Stourbridge's modern day appearance record - even though it means he will have to play beyond his 37th birthday.
STURDY LITTLE adventurers will love these lined, camouflage Wellington boots, which are ideal for long days in puddles, mud and mess.
Likewise, Hugh Teacher's letter (October 28), with its reminder of another secretive Salisbury Plain trainer, Richmond Sturdy.