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pull a stunt (on someone)

To carry out a trick, deception, or practical joke (against someone). It turns out that the supposed alien visitors people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a stunt on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a stunt on the school for April Fools' Day.
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pull a stunt (on someone)

 and pull a trick (on someone)
to deceive someone; to play a trick on someone. Let's pull a trick on the teacher. Don't you dare pull a stunt like that!
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mod. well dressed. Mooshoo is iced out and stunting!
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Skateboard legend Tony Hawk uses physics to land his daredevil skate stunts.
More than 50 colleges have participated over the past five seasons, and high schools from more than 10 states have participated over two seasons, making STUNT the fastest growing girls sport in the country.
A lot of the time I'm down at our venue on the South Tees Motor Sports Park in Middlesbrough doing our stunt driving experience days.
Thanks to the perfect mix of stunts and glamour, Khatron Ke Khiladi , which is being hosted by film- maker Rohit Shetty this year, has emerged as the second- most watched weekend show after Colors' flagship show Comedy Nights With Kapil .
These stunt drivers have even given dramatic terms to their acts.
Mr Stunt was born in north west London and married Doris, who he met at school, in 1939.
The professional stunt man was his double in 2005's Batman Begins and 2009 hit The Dark Knight - winning the prestigious 'best fight' at the Taurus World Stunt Awards in Los Angeles in the process.
There are no official training schemes, although some private 'stunt schools' offer short courses in stage combat, working with fire and stunt driving.
Health and safety is very important as the work can be dangerous, so you would need to make a full risk assessment and complete detailed paperwork before each stunt takes place.
The incident occurred while filming a stunt with a fake bomb explosion in a rubber boat in the water reservoir.
Hollywood embraced stunts since the early years of motion pictures with Frank Hanaway, who is believed to be the first stunt performer, began his career in the 1903 film The Great Train Robbery.
Stunt co-ordinator and performer Zed Korshoonoff has more than 20 years' experience working in the stunt industry and has worked on such blockbusters as the Matrix, Ghost Ship, Farscape, Kangaroo Jack and Anna Karenina among others.
I do my own fighting, which I don't regard as a stunt, but my dear friend and stunt double Mark Vanselow does all my heavy duty stuff.
These are the stunt men, representatives of one of the most difficult and dangerous professions in the world.
Aleksandr Andreev who is a Stunt Riding motorist said, using speed car bored me very much and I began stunt riding.