stumble across

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stumble across someone or something

 and stumble (up)on someone or something; stumble into someone or something
to find someone or something, usually by accident. I stumbled across an interesting book yesterday when I was shopping. Guess who I stumbled into at the library yesterday? I got lucky and stumbled on the right answer.
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stumble across somebody/something

also stumble on somebody/something
to meet someone or find something unexpectedly Lee has stumbled across a plot to sell high-tech US weapons to international terrorists. Border Patrol agents stumbled on the drugs when they were on a routine patrol.
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stumble across

Also, stumble on. Find by chance, discover or meet with unexpectedly. For example, When we were hiking up the mountain we stumbled across a few abandoned shepherd's huts , or At the flea market Alfred stumbled on a quite valuable old lithograph. This idiom uses stumble in the sense of "accidentally trip." [Mid-1500s]
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stumble across

To come upon someone or something accidentally or unexpectedly: I had given up finding my keys when I stumbled across them lying under the dresser. On my way to work this morning, I stumbled across an old friend I hadn't seen in years.
See also: across, stumble
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They are not only successful in their trading but also learn the location of the planets where other humans were dumped and stumble across some of the overlords' hidden treasure in a space junk pile, to boot.
I drove home fully satisfied that I had again been lucky enough to stumble across a hiking treasure.
BEAT bobbies stumble across the scene of a crime only once every EIGHT years, it was revealed yesterday.
I WATCHED a programme on Channel 5 last Thursday night called The Female Orgasm which proved what women have always known - and that is while 70 per cent of men haven't a clue where the clitoris is, the 30 per cent who've happened to stumble across it don't know what to do with it when they do.
The suspenseful NOIR REUNION is about four friends who, on the night of their junior prom, stumble across an ill-fated drug deal and by daybreak drive away with $4 million.
The minister, a father of three, told yesterday how admiring female fans stumble across his website - dedicated to the Welsh Congregational Union - by typing in the actor's name.
Homeowners often volunteer to donate the use of their house for the charitable cause, but organizers sometimes stumble across an exceptional candidate - and then convince the owner to take part.
On their much-deserved vacations, when they stumble across a wireless access point in the mountains of Spain, Colombia or Virginia, they grab some e-mail.
Science fiction and suspense mingle in this tale of a group of seismic surveyors working for an oil company in the Sahara who stumble across a metallic object embedded in sandstone.
Every so often I stumble across a running event so unusual I just have to write about it, and this one certainly qualifies as a doggone different kind of a race.
The story was set around Turok and his young friend Andar, who during a hunting expedition gone wrong, stumble across a prehistoric valley filled with deadly predators.