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stocking stuffer

A small Christmas gift placed in one's Christmas stocking or given informally. Our gift cards make excellent stocking stuffers! My mom always comes up with the weirdest stocking stuffers. One year she gave me individually wrapped summer sausages!
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n. a small gift that is suitable for putting inside a Christmas stocking. I got some little stocking-stuffers for the kids.
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Stuffers, according to Darrell "The Tomato Man" Merrell, are among the earliest tomato cultivars.
The lug mates with a corresponding flat on the stuffer cap to ensure correct orientation and polarity.
The new thermoset IMMs offer an optional new Apex electric servodriven stuffer that reportedly allows overlap of plasticating and clamp operations for continuous processing with the full range of vinyl ester, BMC, TMC (thick molding compound), and SMC (sheet molding compound) viscosities.
an outfit that sells bill stuffers to banks across the country, so it's likely that thousands of people will take that warning to include Countryside.
The stocking stuffer lineup includes Naturistics Sea Splash, Botanical, Tropics, White River Musk, Paradise, Naturally Vanilla and Mountain Berry.
Blue Ridge Farms installed one tank-mounted vacuum system for each vacuum stuffer to ensure good portioning.
First showing of new AKlaim Ram Stuffer for low-bulk-density reclaim.
This children's picture book would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for little ones and comes highly recommended by this reviewer and her three children, ages 13, 8, & 7.
If you do not publish a newsletter, create a payroll stuffer to distribute to employees quarterly.
Even at that size it doesn't cover everything (the Sex Pistols are notably absent), but it works nicely as a primer for those too young to remember--throwing in obscurities by bands like the Vibrators and Penetration along with the obligatory Elvis Costello songs--or as a nostalgic stocking stuffer for that loved one who sheepishly admits to having once had a Mohawk.
The stuffer "has been modified and--in some cases--redesigned, and is doing well in the new high-tech environment of the 21st century.
The Stuffer Box is said to be the solution for prototyping, short run molding or micro-molding.
costs about 40% less than a traditional vent-port stuffer, which it replaces.