stuff with

stuff someone or something with something

to fill up someone or something with something. She stuffed the kids with pancakes and sent them to school. Dale stuffed the doll with fluffy material and gave it back to Timmy. He was afraid he would stuff himself with food as he usually did.
See also: stuff
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When we get married and, hopefully, leave the nest, we begin a whole new collection of stuff with our partners, all the while leaving our childhood collection of stuff with the old folks and their stuff.
When the time comes for them to leave home, they leave much of their stuff with us and the cycle begins all over again.
MORTADELLA MOUSSE FILLING FOR EGGS: Instead of filling egg white halves with the tuna mixture above, stuff with this mixture for a change of pace.
You know, pretty soon, they will have some stuff with which to write things down that will be more than just words.