stuff down

stuff something down something

to force something down inside of something. Don stuffed the cauliflower leaves down the garbage disposal and turned it on. Timmy stuffed the leaves down the hole and covered them with dirt.
See also: down, stuff
References in classic literature ?
The next time she made bread, she scraped this sour stuff down into the fresh dough to serve as yeast.
Nor did Louis' case deter me, as I poured the biting, scorching stuff down my throat.
There's goin' to be rough stuff down there in a minute.
They gulped the stuff down with many facial expressions of delight, followed by loud lip-smackings of approval, though the liquor was raw enough and corrosive enough to burn their mucous membranes.
In his book The Four Things That Matter Most, American doctor Ira Byock boils the important stuff down to this: "Forgive them for anything they may have done, ask for their forgiveness, say 'I love you' and 'Thank you'.
Models strutted their stuff down the catwalk wearing Charlotte's 10 iconic make-up looks in the Fenwick beauty hall.
GLITTER HAIR ROOTS SPRINKLING sparkly stuff down your parting is apparently the hottest trend in hair right now.
Speaking at the Dublin open night, attacker McManamon said: "I do enjoy the away days and you always get good banter out of the fans and stuff down the country but I kind of think the [opposition] players like it [playing in Croke Park].
Summary: Strutting their stuff down the runway in front of crowds packed on three levels, these weren't your average models who took part in the Shine with Hope Fashion Show at ABC Ashrafieh Saturday.
As far as the innovation process goes, writing stuff down can act as a relief valve for brainstorming pressure.
And that their decision to ignore the World Health Organisation's advice to halve the amount we consume has nothing whatsoever to do with their links to those who shove most of the sugary stuff down our throats.
We're staying put until NASA nails some of this stuff down.
They drove one of my pickups around from the north side of the warehouse and that's where I could get to them at they were dragging stuff around to load it there and already got some stuff down there under the hill," said Hines.
I've wanted to do some sort of acting stuff down the line.
It's a once-in-a- lifetime thing, so I'm writing stuff down and trying to remember it.