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Best of all Spot Stuff can be used to remove old stains, which have already been washed and dried.
Another way to get rid of the stuff is to hold a yard sale.
Place important stuff in one box and unimportant stuff in the second box.
Great Stuff mini-raisins 6p Great Stuff Eden Falls Mineral Water 24p
Hot Stuff Foods, which has asked the fast food giant to withdraw the promotion, citing intellectual property rights, has now appointed UK law firm Addleshaw Goddard to act for it in the dispute.
We tried to get him trained in there a little so he could get ready for it, tried to teach him how to do some backside airs and drop in from the extensions and stuff in there.
Though the cost to taxpayers is substantial, Kelly found, it was not out of line with the amount of stuff lost by other governmental agencies.
Many of the contributors to Kid Stuff insist that movies, TV shows, and video games not only assault kids with sex and violence but induce them to imitate what they see on the screen, ultimately causing them to lose their moral compasses.
Stuff is the layperson's unpretentious word, which has no limits or boundaries.
They had some stuff they wanted to run about me, either on a long-term negative or a long-term positive.
All handymen know that "honey-dos" are much easier to complete if you have the right stuff on hand.
Chicago, a provider of integrated solutions for communications network transport and infrastructure services has acquired substantially all of the assets of Stuff Software, Inc.
By stuff I mean the interest center activities, teaching pictures, puzzles, dittos, worksheets, cutouts, games, storybooks, bulletin board letters, and all the other hands-on things that elementary school teachers need in order to do their job.
Stuff the bird loosely (tightly packed stuffing cooks more slowly).
Yeah it's a trip, punk rockers down with old blues and stuff.