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When the children are growing up, we tend to buy all kinds of toys, clothes and other stuff that they want, but often stop using after a few weeks.
We don't go there, however, because we no longer wish to accumulate stuff.
50 from White Stuff Jumper pounds 65 and jeans pounds 50 from White Stuff Jacket pounds 90, dress pounds 55, leggings pounds 20, scarf pounds 27.
Great Stuff raspberry fromage frais 13p Great Stuff orange juice 21p
And that's just getting approved, so hopefully within the next year I can get that done and then start experimenting with some of the skate stuff.
If you choose to stuff, prepare the stuffing (made with a variety of breads or cornbread and sometimes rice), and stuff the turkey just prior to popping into the oven.
Think desert, think shadow, think Yves Klein blue, think film, think pebbles, streaked concrete, squidgy surface, Japanese punctured metal, think mustiness, windiness, warmth, stuff, stuff, stuff.
Don't get into the habit of cramming the bag with gloves, maps, checklists, knee boards, flashlights, books or other TA-50 stuff.
Other lost stuff included a $324 Blackberry that a NASA administrator lost at a hockey game, and an $850 camera an employee brought to Moscow for, a conference with Russian cosmonauts and forgot to bring back
Stuff is the layperson's unpretentious word, which has no limits or boundaries.
They had some stuff they wanted to run about me, either on a long-term negative or a long-term positive.
We welcome Stuff Software's client base," said Patrick Shutt, president and CEO of Universal Access.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - The Best Stuff, creator of gourmet stuffing for restaurants and commercial foodservice operators, welcomesNadja Piatka as new Chief Executive Officer beginning September 1, 2015.
Yeah it's a trip, punk rockers down with old blues and stuff.
Stuff the washcloth with pillow stuffing until it is nice and firm, and then stitch along the top.