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Then there's Esther Rantzen (game, but could get tetchy), Dani "my face has shrunk" Behr, Mr Sulu, a girl with big boobs and stud-muffin Brian Paddick.
on Saturday night the stud-muffin was back in the arms of Penelope after intimate drinks at the Chateau Marmont hotel.
CORRIE: Jason Grimshaw, stud-muffin builder, and Jamie Baldwin, mop-haired new-boy.
STEVEN PINKER HAS BEEN called "science's agent provocateur" by the Guardian, named an "evolutionary pop star" by The Washington Post, as a "wunderkind" by The Washington Post, and acclaimed by the London Times as both a "world-class cognitive psychologist" and a stud-muffin of science.
By the mid-1990s, though, applying the Riverdance formula of flashy lighting, amplified footwork, hard-bodied beauties, and a stud-muffin star, Joaquin Cortes's Pasion Gitana was attracting the largest audiences in flamenco history.
for her stomach-churning performance, acting like a sex-starved teeny-bopper on the Barbara Walters show (``20/20''), fawning and pawing her current stud-muffin, James Brolin, both of them nauseating everyone,'' writes Jery T.
Beach to bard: Former ``Baywatch'' co-star David Charvet is making the moves to leave his sandy stud-muffin image behind.
The 27-year-old Irish stud-muffin invited us along to the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, and promptly whipped out a photo of his baby son, James.