stuck with (someone or something)

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stuck with (someone or something)

Forced to tolerate, deal with, or manage someone or something. The executives want this in the final product no matter what, so it looks like we're stuck with it. Once you have kids with someone, you're pretty much stuck with that person for the rest of your life, even if you don't stay in a relationship.
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stuck with someone or something

burdened with someone or something; left having to care for or deal with someone or something. Please don't leave me stuck with your aunt. She talks too much. My roommate quit school and left me stuck with the telephone bill.
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stuck with

Saddled or burdened with; also, unable to get rid of. For example, Once again Dean was stuck with the check for all of the dinner guests, or She's my sister-in-law so I'm stuck with her. [Mid-1800s]
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I am very thankful the players have stayed together and our supporters have stuck with us.
The players of course deserve credit, but so to do the fans and the staff who stuck with us.
That person who has stuck with us through the years and gone out every day through the wind and rain to pick up a copy.
SarahMillican75 Smashingaudience in C who stuck with us through thetechnicalproblems.
They have been let down just as much as anyone and we feel the need to repay them because they have stuck with us through thick and thin.
After thinking about it, the Laughing Bear name just stuck with us.
The fans have been fantastic throughout the off-season troubles, they have really stuck with us through thick and thin.
3 million readers like you have stuck with us, even in these hard economic times, and we want to thank you.
Jenson showed tremendous loyalty to the team, he stuck with us even though he had other alternatives.
It is great credit to the supporters they have stuck with us and hopefully they will remain with us for the rest of the season and we can reward them by getting the victories we all want.
Stick with us is all I can say to our fans and they stuck with us today.
One or two passes went astray, but the fans stuck with us which was important.
It is correct to say that we as a party need to reach out to voters in the west, but that does not mean that we should therefore neglect areas that have stuck with us through thick and thin.
He has stuck with us and we were just trying to get the win for him.