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By moving through the four positions in your mind, you will break free of this being stuck.
But his truck got stuck within hours after he got started.
He had been lost since his pickup truck got stuck Saturday.
The August investigation came shortly after an explosion at the facility when workers burned off waste that had been in storage, possibly for years, Stuck said.
Stuck said the company was in the process of moving to Moorpark, and while cleaning out its facilities, it found additional waste in igloo- shaped storage structures.
Hey, kissing is about the only thing I haven't seen people doing in their cars while stuck in traffic.
About the only freeway I haven't been stuck on is the Glendale Freeway, Highway 2.
The distinction becomes important because there was a time when we were stopped not of our own volition'' referring to the period Thelma got stuck for more than a month during the summer.
Miners freed the 300-foot-long Thelma device after it got stuck for more than a month starting July 4.
Page Museum of how now-extinct animals were stuck in the asphalt that ultimately imprisoned them forever, 2-year-old Frankie Osby of Woodland Hills was enchanted.
Other animals tried to eat the ones that were stuck and they also got stuck.