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One went to it up a gravel drive, round a large, coarse grass- plot, with plenty of time to observe the degradation of its stuccoed front.
The house so drearily out of repair, the occasional bow-window, the stuccoed house, the newly-fronted house, the corner house with nothing but angular rooms, the house with the blinds always down, the house with the hatchment always up, the house where the collector has called for one quarter of an Idea, and found nobody at home--who has not dined with these?
After looking over my scrap collection, I decided that the exterior walls would have cedar shakes, wainscoting and a stuccoed upper section (stucco hides blemishes in siding materials).
The "White Tower" of the Tower of London got its name when Henry III had it stuccoed and whitewashed to keep the water out.
The offices face east, with generous regular glazed openings to the park through the buff stuccoed walls.