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stub (one's) toe

To forcefully and accidentally jam a single toe against a hard surface or object. I couldn't walk for nearly 10 minutes after stubbing my big toe. We're always stubbing our toes on this darn coffee table!
See also: stub, toe

stub out

To extinguish a lit object, especially a cigarette or cigar, by pressing the lit end against a hard surface. A noun or pronoun can be used between "stub" and "out." He stubbed out the cigarette and got up to leave. I'm so sorry, I didn't realize the smoke was bothering you. Let me stub this out.
See also: out, stub

stub one's toe against something

 and stub one's toe on something
to ram one's toe accidentally against some hard object. Don't stub your toe against that brick in the path. Claire stubbed her toe against one of the legs of the sofa. I stubbed my toe on the bottom step.
See also: stub, toe

stub something out

to put out something, such as a cigarette or cigar, by crushing the burning end against a hard object. Max stubbed his cigar out and tossed it into the street. He stubbed out his cigar.
See also: out, stub

stub out

To extinguish some cigarette, cigar, or similar smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface: There were no ashtrays around, so I stubbed out the cigarette on the heel of my shoe. If you had told me the smoke from my cigar was bothering you, I would have stubbed it out.
See also: out, stub
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The uniform resonators in the structures in Figures 1(a), (b), (d) and (f) have less effect on the first transmission zero created by the tapped stub and cannot generate new transmission zero, for the mutual coupling between the uniform resonator and the tapped stub is very weak.
Pay stubs for two auto industry executives showed annual salaries of $57,000 and $86,000 a year.
21) Dated Yankees ticket stub samples from the 1922 World Series and later reveal the additional pricing referred to as a "tax" and not a war tax.
The filter with shunt open stubs is designed and fabricated, as shown in Fig.
The open-circuited stubs with special lengths are used to achieve these capacitances and add new transmission zeros at the frequency of its 1/4 wavelength resonance, which suppress the high frequency spurious responses.
In principle, three resonant modes are realized by making use of the short-circuited stubs and the offset feeding method.
in] tends to zero, hence the stub based model can be simplified to the one shown in Fig.
Instead, the corporate partners will include the income for the partnership's fiscal period and the Stub Period Accrual in their taxation years ending in 2012.
The bidding was fuelled by Blues supporters who did not realise the Surrey-based seller was advertising only the stub from his Wembley ticket.
In its current wording, the EC's proposal on stub quotes and actionable IOIs would have an adverse impact on Liquidnet's business model, which matches buyers and sellers using a negotiation process.
As part of its companywide sustainability effort, giant retailer Walmart is trying to move all of its employees to electronic pay, eliminating the paper that's involved in paying with checks and providing paper pay stubs.
If a stub base doesn't extract from the chamber after firing, don't just grab whatever you can find to get it out.
The Bankruptcy Courts have held in published decisions that the stub rent obligation falls into one of two categories: (i) a post-petition obligation that should be timely paid in full under Section 365(d)(3); or (ii) an expense of the bankruptcy required to be satisfied upon confirmation of a plan of reorganization under Section 503(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code.
A washington company is helping to stub out the problem of cigarette waste amongst North-East organisations.
With traditional architecture, data moves from the server to the migration server and into data storage, leaving a stub (placeholder) behind at the primary location, while the database or some form of index holds a record of the data's new location.