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strum on (something)

1. To play a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. A few of us were strumming on our guitars as we sat around the camp fire. It was such a classy wedding. They even hired someone to strum on a harp while the guests were being seated.
2. To play something, such as a chord or song, on a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. I never got past strumming a couple basic chords on the guitar. Anything more advanced than that was just too difficult for me. He loves strumming lighthearted melodies on his banjo.
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strum something on something

to brush or play with the fingers some stringed instrument, such as a guitar. She strummed a nice little melody on her guitar. He strummed the accompaniment on the guitar.
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Strum next reconstructs the merchant networks that both articulated and animated the sugar trade.
Bush and the four living former presidents are nearly finished, Strum would not disclose any other obits because he's afraid the subjects may seek to alter them: "There are people in this world with big enough egos that they would try to influence what is written about them after their death.
But colleges and universities encouraged teachers to move to different schools, which accounted for the origins of TIAA, said Strum.
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Depicting the organization as a fun place to work is a shrewd way of creating that motivation," Strum adds.
Summarizing Judge Bernard Decker's ruling, which was tacitly accepted by the Supreme Court, Strum understands the Skokie cases to mean that "there is no right not to be insulted when the insult is part of the expression of ideas" (p.
All in all the choice of Strum to undertake this volume in the series on American political thought edited by Wilson Carey McWilliams and Lance Banning was logical and earned.
According to Strum, however, Brandeis had a profound aversion to big government.
It's difficult to show return-of-investment on a single CIM product because a lot of the benefits are intangible," explains Strum.
Since 1995, Bedford-based Strum has offered engineering, survey and environmental services.
STRING ALONG: Eleanor and Kerr with the mandolin and, right, Sir Paul strums it for Edith RICHARD PARKER
Reagon, a matter-of-factly out lesbian performer since her first strum, is equally affecting in her hushed moments, as in "You," a pensive ballad for those feeling hoodwinked by their hearts.
blue handed man lost his arm in the war he couldn't strum his guitar .
Strum, an oncologist and medical director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute in Los Angeles.
They harmonise beautifully, strum in a pleasant manner and although some of their songs do hint towards the dreaded 90s angst, they are still delivered with a toothy smile from the bass player and gentle chords from the organ/keyboard at the back.