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The spear of King Agamemnon struck his shield and went right through it, for the shield stayed it not.
Menelaus struck him on the collar-bone as he was standing on his chariot, while Antilochus hit his charioteer and squire Mydon, the son of Atymnius, who was turning his horses in flight.
Ajax struck him in the belt; the spear pierced the lower part of his belly, and he fell heavily to the ground.
They threw at the same moment, and Sarpedon struck his foe in the middle of his throat; the spear went right through, and the darkness of death fell upon his eyes.
Mars roared as loudly as nine or ten thousand men in the thick of a fight, and the Achaeans and Trojans were struck with panic, so terrible was the cry he raised.
In Syria near Manbij, 15 strikes struck 12 separate IS tactical units and destroyed six IS fighting positions, three IS cave entrances, an IS weapons cache, an IS command-and-control node, two IS vehicles and an IS security headquarters, the announcement said.
1 : to touch, hit, or affect with force <He struck the horse with a whip.
Not all of the storms struck land, but many that did inflicted considerable damage.
19 deadline looming, the head of the Northwest Airlines pilots union said he hopes a deal can be struck between management and the mechanics union.
Added text is in boldface; deleted text is [begin strike through] struck through.
We shed not a tear when the union was ultimately struck out by the courts.
As such, it was one of the most startling blows any labor movement has struck in recent years against neoliberal economic policies in the Third World.
Junior doctors struck nationwide to thwart government plans to fire doctors in regions that overshoot spending limits.
When the commercial workers struck last year because Union President Gus Bevona took a hard stance over paying new hires less money, it was those current workers that lost out by walking the picket line.