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HE'S the strong silent type, with just a hint of campmate romance, but Stuart Manning couldn't be a more worthy King of the Jungle according to his former Hollyoaks pals.
But Ranson is a cautious figure who operates in a clinical business-like manner - strong silent type, if you like, who shuns the limelight.
Inzamam is the strong silent type who likes nothing better that batting during his waking hours.
More passive is the Strong Silent Type, who contains his emotion and takes control of all situations, particularly when there is a woman involved.
Clint Easton plays at full-back but, unlike the bloke he sounds like, he's not the strong silent type.
Fiennes is good in this ambitious but flawed film, playing the strong silent type who mainly talks with his amazing eyes.
He was also a strong silent type whose permanent air of earnest introspection became his trademark.
The boss should be happy with his lot but is still playing the Strong Silent Type with the London press.
For 42 years, he has been featured in ads as the strong silent type, supporting women behind the scenes.
Paula Cole played identity crises as narcissistic extravaganzas, pining for an old-fashioned strong silent type in ``Where Have All the Cowboys Gone'' and tearing at her own insecurities in ``Me.
If you're the strong silent type and don't like to give too much away, you could always try saying it with flowers.
Thus, after climbing his way up the support muscle ladder in Ghosts of Mars and The One, here's his first starring role as ex Special Forces strong silent type Frank Martin who, retired to France and togged out in white shirt and black suit, transports dodgy cargo in his BMW - no questions asked beyond size, weight and destination.
And Nigel Benn, who you'd think would be the strong silent type, is actually a big wuss who hasn't had a wash in a week because he's frightened of cold water.
HOLLYWOOD heart-throb Brad Pitt will play the strong silent type in his next film - he does not have a word of dialogue.