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Regarding Paul Kokoski's letter on "Presumptuous Catholics and a Just War," it is always good form to address the strong points of an argument made against one's own.
Strong points are low prices, good value and wide choice.
We studied the Saudi team perfectly and we will make sure to disable their strong points," said Daie.
Although both Christianity and Islam each have their strong points, without doubt, on balance their historical record would show more liabilities, more warfare, more intolerance, more persecution, than truly positive assets.
While the book has several strong points, three stand out.
At the moment I am more concerned about getting us back to our strong points, as you exist first in life with your strong points.
The language- and text-centered approach of the study accounts for some of its less strong points, as well.
Furlan considers government spending restraint and a trade surplus as strong points for a possible reduction in interest rates.
Any once-great fighter who loses to as undistinguished a journeyman as Danny Williams must have some serious thinking to do -- and that's never been one of Tyson's strong points.
Among the strong points of Granada's research are his knowledge of sources, contemporaries, and sequels to Bruno's thought and his acute understanding of Bruno's mind.
The Master Plan is also designed to revitalize areas that are polluted or blighted into strong points of economic and community-oriented growth, setting the stage for redevelopment with a potential market value of $5.
There's a lot in this biography, including an unusual chapter near the end which assesses Flatley's strong points using the contemporary officer fitness report as the framework.
Contribution: The employee is listening for a kind word about past performance and strong points that have been valued.
Basmajian is, herself, very passionate about women's issues and exploring the roles of women in society from the vantage point of female directors with strong points of view.
Although the show had many strong points, the organization and installation of the English stage of "Fatto in Italia" were somewhat disappointing, which was irritating for those who appreciate the work of this generation of Italian artists.