stroke of luck

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stroke of luck

An unexpected fortunate occurrence. Meeting my favorite celebrity at the airport was certainly a stroke of luck that wouldn't have happened if I'd arrived five minutes later. I worked very hard on the script, but getting to pitch it to the producer in the elevator was just a stroke of luck.
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a stroke of luck

Fig. a bit of luck; a lucky happening. I had a stroke of luck and found Tom at home when I called. He's not usually there. Unless I have a stroke of luck, I'm not going to finish this report by tomorrow.
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stroke of luck (or good luck)

a fortunate occurrence that could not have been predicted or expected.
See also: luck, of, stroke
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Rod Stewart's life has been peppered with significant strokes of luck along the way and I've picked out some of these as key moments in the new show.
Separated first from his mother and then his father, Buergenthal managed by his wits and some remarkable strokes of luck to survive on his own.
But Baker, like fellow Midlanders Paul Broadhurst and John Bickerton, has already booked his place and he admits to being grateful for the two strokes of luck that helped him make it to his 11th Open.
Here even Emori admits that Kitty was blessed with two incredible strokes of luck that created what in Sanrio annals is known as the "Kitty Boom.
Even the most confident of golfers have lost their cool at Sawgrass; whose timely strokes of luck have took them to the top spot?
3, if it hadn't enjoyed the benefit of two enormous strokes of luck in the final month of the season.