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What is the new stroke of work that's expected from me this time?
If you escape - you need never do another stroke of work as long as you live.
I did so; but instead of seeking work, as I had been accustomed to do previously to hiring my time, I spent the whole week without the performance of a single stroke of work.
For years he has gone on unflinchingly, filled with the most living faith and hope and charity, and I sometimes wonder whether they are any better now in his parish than they were under his predecessor, a man who smoked and drank beer from Monday morning to Saturday night, never did a stroke of work, and often kept the scanty congregation waiting on Sunday afternoons while he finished his postprandial nap.
And also how I, who never did a stroke of work in my life, am overburdened with wealth; whilst the children of the men who made that wealth are slaving as their fathers slaved, or starving, or in the workhouse, or on the streets, or the deuce knows where.
On Friday in the next week I happened to come back late--having had a good stroke of work to do that day, in the way of cooking a public dinner for a tavern-keeper who knew me.
I undertook not to give the poor beast away, but at the same time told him I had not the faintest intention of doing another stroke of work that night.
It is true that the royal speech at the opening of such session virtually said, My lords and gentlemen, you have a considerable stroke of work to do, and you will please to retire to your respective chambers, and discuss, How not to do it.
Referring to Lady C's work ethic, he added: "We are all working hard in there but one person never washed a cup, never dried a cup, never did one stroke of work.
Most of the TUSC candidates were just names on paper, they didn't do a stroke of work in my area of Liversedge and Gomersal mainly because they haven't the numbers.
It would be grossly unfair if free bus passes, winter fuel allowance, free prescriptions or free eye examinations were denied to those who had worked all their lives and contributed much to society and those who had never done a stroke of work in their lives gleaned everything going including rent and council tax rebates, social funding, free eye and dental care and much more.
I never got a stroke of work done and I'm sure I'm not alone.
By contrast, the smarter companies, we call them Trim & Fit companies, while being prudently cautious, use the crisis period as an opportunity to critically evaluate every aspect of their businesses, challenging every dollar and every stroke of work as to the value added.
He third in line to the throne and it's time someone pointed out to the pampered prince (preferably his dad) that his privileged existence, his multi-million pound fortune and the fact that his position has allowed him not to do a stroke of work for the last two and a half years, comes with a certain responsibilities.