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strive after something

to try very hard to obtain something. I am always striving after perfection. Ted was striving after a promotion and finally got it.
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strive against something

to work against something. He worked hard, striving against failure at every turn. Things were difficult. I had to strive against quitting almost every day.
See also: strive

strive for something

to try to obtain or bring about something. I am striving for the best possible result. Mary strives for perfection in everything she does.
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strive to do something

to try hard to do something. She strove very hard to do what she had set out to do. Please strive to do it as best you can.
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strive toward something

to work toward a goal. DI always strive toward perfection. Mary strove toward doing her best at all times.
See also: strive, toward
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Frost & Sullivan presents the 2004 Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Penetration annually to a company that has continuously strived to attain excellence and capture market share in its industry.
Together we've strived to dramatically improve logistics, control inventories, manage sales and maximize Bayer's reputation in the marketplace.
Akibia has always strived to be a business partner that is `always there' for its customers," said Dane Donaldson, Akibia's vice president of operations.