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If Kim does agree to strip off, she will be following in the footsteps of Hollywood stars Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger and, most recently, Daryl Hannah.
Now I have been blessed with slightly below average intelligence, but slightly above average common sense -so I initially read that as ``neither strip off nor drink plenty of water to stay cool this summer'', which clearly didn't make any sense at all.
You really do need to have a lot of confidence to strip off for these shots, but once you have confidence and fun - that's very sexy.
But he made me strip off and I had cane marks from the back of my neck to the bottom of my legs just because I wouldn't apologise.
Internationals, including Rob Howley, Dai Young and Rhys Williams, were asked to strip off and pose for the NSPCC's "Fire of the Dragon/Tan y Ddraig Calendar" 2002 to raise money for its Full Stop campaign.
After thinning out the shrub, strip off all angling shoots and stems to a height of 6 or 8 feet, from which point the flowering canopy will now be defined - outward and upward.
Adam, 20, who plays Nicky Tilsley, will strip off to pose for an art class - but then he'll be in trouble with on-screen wife Leanne (Jane Danson) when the class tutor falls for him.
Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls has revealed she will NEVER strip off for a screen role- because she's too skinny.
Once activated, ozone (O3) is able to initiate an oxidative attack on the PCBs: Not only does it strip off their chlorines, but it will also "go on to oxidize the remaining biphenyls,' explains Ben H.
Revitalizing Creme -- Glycolic acids strip off dead skin to allow deeper penetration and rejuvenation.
ROSANNA isn't the first Irish celebrity to strip off - but she is the first to pose for Playboy.
London May 20 (ANI): Katie Green has laid down some exotic vacation plans to strip off for an all over tan.
And don't worry if you are a bit shy but fancy giving zorbing a go you don't have to strip off.
BRITNEY Spears, above, has pulled out of plans to pose for an anti-fur advertisement and claimed she had never intended to strip off for the campaign.