strip down to

strip someone or something down to something

 and strip someone or something down
to remove the covering of someone or something down to the lowest level. The emergency room nurse stripped the unconscious patient down to his shorts. He stripped down the patient to his underwear. He stripped the patient down.
See also: down, strip
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It wouldn't be the first time for Williams to strip down to her undies.
Dushku added: "I'll strip down to my underwear and my Ugg boots when I eat lunch in my trailer.
Not until track nine does he strip down to his trance roots and reclaim his domain.
STRIP DOWN to Capezio Overs and Unders when the weather gets hot.
They want to find a group of two to five friends to strip down to their undies and be snapped for a billboard advertising campaign.
Tennant and cohort Chris Lowe don't strip down to bare acoustics here, but for the moment their trademark grandiosity is taking a backseat.
She even forced Joel - who was celebrating his 24th birthday - to do an almost full monty and strip down to his boxer shorts.
They attacked him and forced him to strip down to his underwear before they threw his clothes into Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
Daniels can do just about anything, and his laser-edged ballet technique only emphasized his work's in-your-face sexuality, which included a strip down to his dance belt.
In Los Angeles, delegates who arrive with jackets stuffed into their aircraft overheads can loosen their ties and strip down to their essentials.
SCHOOL pupils were ordered to strip down to their underwear by a teacher.