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strike pay dirt

To discover or happen upon something very, particularly, or abundantly valuable or useful, especially after a long or arduous search. I was combing through books in the library for hours, trying to find material for my thesis, when finally I struck pay dirt with an old collection of literary criticisms from the 1970s. I loved to search through my grandfather's attic when I was a kid, convinced that someday I would strike pay dirt.
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striking distance

Close proximity or a short distance, as to or away from some desired thing, person, goal, or objective. Used especially in the phrase "in/within striking distance." A World Cup victory was within striking distance for Germany, but a last penalty kick robbed them of their prize. My grandmother's house is rather old and a bit spooky, but as it is in striking distance of the sea, it was always a favorite summer destination when we were kids.
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in striking distance (of someone or something)

In close proximity to or a short distance away from some desired thing, person, goal, or objective. A World Cup victory was in striking distance for Germany, but a last penalty kick robbed them of their prize. My grandmother's house is rather old and a bit spooky, but as it is in striking distance of the sea, it was always a favorite summer destination when we were kids.
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strike whilst the iron is hot

To make most of an opportunity or favourable conditions while one has the chance to do so. (A less common variant of "strike while the iron is hot.") Primarily heard in UK. This sounds like a pretty amazing deal they're offering. If I were you, I'd strike whilst the iron is hot. I deliberated too long before accepting the job offer, and now they've given it to someone else. I should have struck whilst the iron was hot.
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strike (someone) dumb

To render someone speechless, as due to a great surprise or shock. My father's sudden resignation from the company struck each of us dumb.
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strike oil

1. To access stores of oil while drilling into the ground. Stop drilling, we've struck oil!
2. To achieve success in some area, often financially. A: "We sure struck oil when we recorded that song." B: "I know, it's become a huge hit and will pay us a ton in royalties."
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strike sail

1. To lower the sail on a ship in a show of surrender, salute, or during high winds. Captain, they've struck sail! We've won! Those are gale force winds. Strike sail or we're done for!
2. By extension, to admit that one has been bested. You need to strike sail. You've clearly been beaten and need to move on.
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within striking distance (of something)

also in striking distance (of something)
1. very close to something The great thing about the house is that the ocean is within striking distance.
2. very close to achieving something The Republicans are within striking distance of winning the election.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the less polite but stronger form within spitting distance of something (very near): They live within spitting distance of my house, but luckily I don't see them much.

in/within spitting distance

  also in/within striking distance
very close to something or someone (often + of ) The great thing about the house is that it's within spitting distance of the sea. The move to Ascot put us within striking distance of London.
See also: distance, spit

strike pay dirt

See also: dirt, pay, strike
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