strike down

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strike (someone or something) down

1. Literally, to knock someone or something down with a heavy blow. The speeding car struck the cyclist down. A huge lightning bolt struck the cedar tree down.
2. To kill someone through tragic circumstances beyond human control. He was struck down by cancer when he was only 42 years old. Let God strike me down if I'm lying!
3. To cancel, annul, invalidate, or render ineffective. The courts struck the law down, declaring it to be unconstitutional. The board of directors struck down our proposal for a new business based in Canada.
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strike someone or something down

to knock someone or something down by striking. Max struck Lefty down with one blow. He struck down the weeds with a scythe.
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strike something down

[for a court] to invalidate a ruling or law. The higher court struck the ruling of the lower court down. The court struck down the ruling.
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strike down

1. Fell with a blow or misfortune, as in The tree was struck down by lightning, or He was struck down by tuberculosis while in his twenties. [Late 1400s]
2. Render ineffective, cancel, especially in a legal context. For example, The appeals court struck down the verdict. [Late 1800s]
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strike down

1. To cause someone or something to fall by a blow: Boxing experts are predicting that the champion will strike down the contender in the third round. I grabbed a wrench and struck the intruder down with a blow to the head.
2. To incapacitate or kill someone. Used chiefly in the passive: Hundreds of civilians were struck down during the first week of the war. Smokers need to realize that heart disease can strike them down in the prime of their lives.
3. To render something ineffective; cancel something: The committee struck down the proposal we've worked so hard on, so we'll have to start all over again. The Supreme Court determined that the law was unconstitutional and struck it down accordingly.
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In 1981, the Court did not strike down any federal statutory provisions, the first such occasion since the 1940s.
But where Rehnquist joined the majority to strike down laws in only seven of those cases, Brennan joined nineteen.
Constitutional cases were routinely decided by five-or six-justice majorities, whether the legislation was the product of the national or state legislature and whether the outcome was to strike down or uphold legislation.
The liberals on the Court were still the most likely to vote to strike down legislation and were still quite likely to appear in the majority in a case invalidating statutory provisions (and the least likely to appear in majorities upholding statutes against constitutional challenge).
The conservative Justices, including Chief Justice Rehnquist, showed a markedly greater willingness to strike down federal laws than they did state laws.
85) A distinctly conservative invalidation of state law made an appearance in another minority set-aside case, (86) but more often than not a unified liberal wing of the Court joined hands with one or more conservatives (usually Kennedy and O'Connor) to strike down state laws.
Among the plaintiffs wishing to strike down this patent are the ACLU and women who claim Myriad's diagnostic test for screening breast cancer are too expensive.
The decision to strike down a patent claim over an 'isolated' DNA sequence because it is not 'markedly different' from the natural state appears to be a matter of line drawing in a specific factual context.
But attorney Steven Mayer, who represents Ventura County supervisors, said he believes the courts will eventually strike down the ordinance.
Supervisors filed a counterclaim, asking Walsh to strike down the ordinance because it interferes with with their ability to set budgets.
It's unfortunate that taxpayers and parents will see critical funds diverted to defend a bill that courts are almost certain to strike down as patently unconstitutional," said Lowenstein.
The courts struck down those kinds of laws a long time ago and ought to strike down L.
To strike down RFRA would be a judicial revolution," says the law professor.
Morrison) to strike down the Civil Rights Remedy provision in the Violence Against Women Act (V.