strike a note

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strike a sour note

To indicate, introduce, or allude to something particularly unfortunate, unpleasant, or disagreeable. You definitely struck a sour note when you brought up Dan's ex-girlfriends during your best man speech.
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strike a sour note

 and hit a sour note
Fig. to signify something unpleasant. Jane's sad announcement struck a sour note at the annual banquet. News of the accident hit a sour note in our holiday celebration.
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strike (or sound) a — note

express a feeling or view of a particular kind.
2000 Times John McCain …was expected to strike a hawkish note last night, calling for the upgrading of the Armed Forces.
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sound/strike a ˈnote (of ˈsth)

express feelings or opinions of a particular kind: She sounded a note of warning in her speech.
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