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in the strict(est) sense

Following the narrowest and more precise interpretation (of something). While not correct in the strictest sense, the word has been widely accepted among most English speakers. I wouldn't call her a socialist in the strict sense, but some of her beliefs definitely lean that way.
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in confidence

In private; with the understanding that the other person or people will not reveal what was said. (Sometimes used with the modifiers "strict" or "the strictest.") I can't believe you told your husband about my affair; I told that to you in confidence! Gentlemen, please be aware that this meeting is being held in the strictest confidence.
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in confidence

Also, in strict confidence. Privately, on condition that what is said will not be revealed. For example, The doctor told her in confidence that her mother was terminally ill, or He told us in strict confidence that Gail was pregnant. This idiom was first recorded in 1632. Also see take into one's confidence.
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Unlike strictness, for which there is some demand by Egyptians, the concept of fairness, or justice, constitutes a great dilemma.
Since rigid labor markets might have responded differently to the contraction in output than more flexible labor markets during the Great Recession, we first plot the change in countries' unemployment rates and their level of overall strictness (using the OECD's indicator) and see how the relationship plays out (figure 2).
Even though all of the countries in this extended sample are among the major advanced economies, they range widely in the strictness of their employment protections, with values between 0.
Work should be smooth and streamlined, beyond bureaucratic complications, entrenched red tape or excessive strictness," they said.
That is why I want to emphatically stress that the broadcasting authority will enforce the law concerning the protection of minors with determination and strictness.
Any follower of the conference could not help but note with some surprise Egypt's strictness," he wrote.
Most decisions on annulments are made at the diocesan level, and degrees of strictness vary.
She plays the role of 'Batool' a Khaliji "Gulf country" girl who is very rich and who suffers from her older brother Khaled strictness and she tries to run away from him to gain her freedom.
Though we groused about their rules and strictness when I was a kid, there was never the whiff of any scandal from them.
Despite the government's strictness, Jammu is closed.
These dimensions mirrored the traditional parenting dimensions of warmth and strictness (Sears, Maccoby, & Levin, 1957; Schaefer, 1959), as "responsiveness was often operationalized using measures of parental warmth and acceptance, while demandingness came to be defined with respect to parental firmness" (Steinberg, 2005, p.
The draft bill on consumer protection, adopted Wednesday by the People's National Assembly (Parliament), provides for the respect of consumer rights with more strictness in fighting fraud.
The strictness with which some violations that emerged in the recent past were dealt with, confirms the governmentCOs commitment to maintaining the highest global standards in fighting corruption.
Some of that strictness rubbed off on me and I retain that ethos, as did a lot of officers of my length of services.
Over the next sixty years or so, summer camps for boys and girls alike dabbled in nature study, military strictness, free play, and various approaches to premodern folk crafts--whatever the increasingly professionalized camp directors considered to be the best approach for developing the health and character of their charges.