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be (strictly) for the birds

slang To be frustrating, annoying, or pointless. Primarily heard in US, Australia. Driving is strictly for the birds when you live in a big city—unless you like sitting in traffic! I miss my usual shift—night work is for the birds.
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strictly speaking

In the most literal or precise sense. Strictly speaking, we're not supposed to use the lab after hours, but there's really no way to avoid it.
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strictly business

1. a matter or issue that is all business and no pleasure. This meeting is strictly business. We don't have time for any leisure activity.
2. a person who is very businesslike and does not waste time with nonbusiness matters. Joe is strictly business. I don't think he has a sense of humor. At least I have never seen it.
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strictly for the birds

not worth consideration; unimportant. informal
This expression was originally US army slang. It may be an allusion to the way in which birds eat the droppings of horses and cattle.
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strictly ˈspeaking

if you are using words or rules in their exact or correct sense: Strictly speaking, nobody under 18 can join this club, but as you are nearly 18...Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
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(strictly) from hunger

mod. very strange; acceptable only when nothing else is available. The singer was strictly from hunger.
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On the other hand, the acutest observer by examining the dead body of the water-ouzel would never have suspected its sub-aquatic habits; yet this anomalous member of the strictly terrestrial thrush family wholly subsists by diving,--grasping the stones with its feet and using its wings under water.
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