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strew something (all) over something

to sow or spread something over an area. Clean this place up! You have strewn your clothing all over the place. The wind strewed the leaves over the lawns.
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strew something on someone or something

to sow or spread something on someone or something. The wind strewed the dandelion seeds on Fred and his friends. A child went down the aisle, strewing flowers on the white walkway ahead of the bride.
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strew something over someone or something

to spread or scatter something over someone or something. The silo explosion strewed the grain over everyone in the vicinity. The explosion strewed wreckage over a two-block area.
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strew something with something

to cover something with bits of something. Who strewed the sidewalk with rice and confetti? The yards were strewn with leaves and branches after the storm.
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strew with

To cover some area or a surface with something scattered or sprinkled: The baker strewed the top of the cake with chopped nuts. The aisle of the church was strewn with rose petals.
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I recently relaxing Galway , the beautifully for a close 32 three-involved We were horrified by the untidy, dirty state of the streets, which were strewn with litter D Willington Pembroke
Having perused the averment made in the writ petition and seeing the photographs annexed therewith, while issuing notice we would direct the commissioner of SDMC to ensure that within 48 hours all garbage lying strewn on the Old Delhi- Gurgaon Road is removed.
Yet some individuals, during the night of Sunday and Monday, the 2nd and 3rd January, have completely overturned and emptied one of the council grit containers in Meliden and strewn the contents all over the road.
his house and yard were disgracefully dirty with rusty tin cans strewn about .
Bean Road, during the night, resident's car was entered, items strewn around, nothing appeared to be stolen.
Even worse, a friend of my daughter's called at her house to deliver a birthday card and found a small packet and several letters strewn across the path.
Because, after all, the race to the altar is nothing if not strewn with obstacles, and few things shout enduring love more than shedding one's dignity for some bling.
Within the construction debris strewn across the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina is a disturbing amount of arsenic, according to a new study.
So in an effort to reduce district spending, maintenance was the first thing to go: Hallways filled with trash while food and candy wrappers strewn on floors invited pests.
Experienced news anchor, reporter, and documentary writer Mark Kelly presents Engaging News Media: A Practical Guide for People of Faith, a guide to evaluating and verifying truthfulness amid the political opinions, bias, and sometimes outright BS strewn across the many lanes of the modern information superhighway.
In October 2003, after decades of failed deep-sea search operations, the company Odyssey Marine exploration discovered the sunken ship and "King Midas' dream": a field of gold coins strewn across the ocean floor.
It's wrong to create an information superhighway that's strewn with discriminatory hurdles," said Wyden, introducing the legislation.
As well as temporary and permanent exhibition galleries, the new building will house a 300 seat auditorium, media library, restaurant, offices and music rebearsal rooms, Seen from above, Holl's assemblage of curved, low-rise volumes resembles a collection of shirt sleeves strewn around a field.
Dozens of capsized, grounded, and sunken ships ranging in size from small fishing boats to large commercial freighters were strewn along the shore.