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strew something (all) over something

to sow or spread something over an area. Clean this place up! You have strewn your clothing all over the place. The wind strewed the leaves over the lawns.
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strew something on someone or something

to sow or spread something on someone or something. The wind strewed the dandelion seeds on Fred and his friends. A child went down the aisle, strewing flowers on the white walkway ahead of the bride.
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strew something over someone or something

to spread or scatter something over someone or something. The silo explosion strewed the grain over everyone in the vicinity. The explosion strewed wreckage over a two-block area.
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strew something with something

to cover something with bits of something. Who strewed the sidewalk with rice and confetti? The yards were strewn with leaves and branches after the storm.
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strew with

To cover some area or a surface with something scattered or sprinkled: The baker strewed the top of the cake with chopped nuts. The aisle of the church was strewn with rose petals.
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References in classic literature ?
The place of the latter was here supplied by oaks and other of the harder woods; and around their roots clustered a dense and bushy under-growth, leaving, however, barren spaces between the trees, thick strewn with withered leaves.
The glasses discovered traces of stratification produced by successive eruptions, and the neighborhood was strewn with volcanic remains which still choked some of the craters.
There was paper strewn on the floor of some cubicles.
LOCAL sporting fixtures have had to be cancelled or postponed because human excrement and used toilet paper has been strewn across playing fields after travellers set up camp at a sports ground.
What family would wish to visit an area strewn with potholed, potentially dangerous roads, and then be rewarded with the sight (carbuncle) of a once-unspoilt beautiful countryside strewn with industrial-size wind farms and solar parks?
Summary: Rubble strewn streets, gutted buildings: bloody battle for Syrian border town of Kobane has wrought massive destruction.
BROKEN glass and pottery from a Victorian dump is causing injuries to people and dogs after being strewn across a beach.
AN NHS car park has been found strewn with rubbish after trespassing travellers left.
Kerry Climbing mountain guide Piaras Kelly confirmed it had been cut down with only one foot of it left in the ground, and the rest of the cross strewn on the ground nearby where it fell.
1 million landmines and explosives that were strewn by the LTTE terrorists have been recovered by the Security Forces and other groups that were engaged in the demining program.
According to his plea, while the busy stretch is already burdened with increasing peak- hour traffic, the situation is made worse by the fact that heaps of garbage remains strewn on the road.
There are cars thrown like tumbleweeds and the streets are strewn with debris.
24 ( ANI ): Coke cans are the most common piece of rubbish that is found strewn around parks, beaches and river and canal banks.
I gaze across the shore line the views are sublime, a picturesque setting of a Cornish scene In cowslip pastures dwells my quaint thatched roof cottage strewn primrose and snow drops I am totally besotted, tossing a penny in the old wishing well for my secret desires it will conjour its spell For my prince to arrive in top hat and tails in time for the ball at Boscastle domain, waltzing and twirling a mood so surreal I could dance until midnight in this enchanted dress A bow and a curtsy my carriage awaits for a spellbinding journey to a bewitching place, in cowslip pastures dwells my quant thatched roof cottage strewn brimstone a flutter I am totally besotted.
Summary: Suggs has been in the music industry for over 30 years and says the most rock and roll thing he has ever done is to have his dirty underwear strewn on David Bowie's driveway.