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Stretchable electronics try to mimic the human skin and flesh in terms of its stretchability and mechanical performance.
6c, an optimum forming capacity was achieved in the ternary blend in the range of 140[degrees]C-150[degrees]C where the blend exhibits optimum stretchability.
The supplier claims PLA has enough melt strength and stretchability to be "close to a drop-in" substitute for PET in standard reheat stretch-blow machines (e.
Quarra 2000 is a rubbery tough coating (up to 1/4") with extreme abrasion and impact resistance, stretchability and anti-slip properties.
They were comprised of an elastic film, ensuring stretchability and stability, laminated with a CD-extensible thermal bonded nonwoven on either side.
Effect of Biaxial Stretching Conditions of Tape Squares on Film Stretchability
Besides adding more of what stretch film needs - puncture and tear strength, stretchability, and cling - seven layers give Quintec freedom to develop products that never existed before, such as the first "quiet" high-stretch film.
Stretchability is another attractive feature in facilitating simple packaging processes.
The fabrics retained flexibility and stretchability of regular cotton and polyester, and kept their new e-properties under conditions that simulated repeated laundering, according to the report.
The stretchability of fluoropolymers is limited; the commercialized units are capable of extending fluoropolymer films in the range from 30% to 250% only (56).
It reportedly has much higher on-pallet puncture resistance at moderate pre-stretch levels, while maintaining or increasing ultimate stretchability.
Tex-Tenn will be unveiling new fabrics with lycra for stretchability at the upcoming outerwear show in Salt Lake City, Utah at the end of January.
Due to record-breaking stretchability and flexibility down to 1 mm bending radius, CNB(TM) films give consumer electronics companies long-awaited design freedom.
The focus on stretch has created new markets for nonwovens beyond hygiene and the ability to incorporate stretchability into nonwovens is largely because of developments and innovation on the polymer level.