stretch forth

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stretch forth (from something)

to extend out or forth from something. A path stretched forth from the cabin, leading deep into the woods. Outside the cabin door, a path stretched forth.
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By locating her plot in present-day Ethiopia, Hopkins could thus utilize the appeal of an un-colonized Christian (Coptic) kingdom with an ancient history and a distinguished military record and also tap into "Ethiopianism," an ideology which used Psalms 68:31 as its foundational document: "Princes shall come out of Egypt, [and] Ethiopia shall soon stretch forth her hands to God.
In that blessed age all things were in common; to win the daily food no labor was required of any, save to stretch forth his hand and gather it from the sturdy oaks that stood generously inviting him with their sweet ripe fruit.
Make a quality decision to change your eating habits, knowing that your desires are well within your reach if you are willing to stretch forth your hands to receive them.
Biblical prophecy promised that day would come: "Hear what the great Architect of the universal world saith: Aethiopia shall stretch forth her hands unto me" (10).
Stretch forth thy wings and fly', and with that he hurled the bird up.
Part One introduces the central themes of the book and sets them in dialogue with the master narrative of America as the Promised Land, as is evident by the chapter titles: "African-Americans, Exodus, and the American Israel";" 'Ethiopia Shall Soon Stretch Forth Her Hands': Black Destiny in Nineteenth-Century America"; and" 'How Far the Promised Land': Black Religion and Black Protest.