stream down

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stream down (on someone or something)

[for a liquid or light] to flow downward onto someone or something. The water streamed down on all of them. The light broke through the clouds and streamed down on all of them. The waterfall streamed down and soaked them all.
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He did, with the help of visions that told him to follow a stream down San Gorgonio Mountain, Southern California's highest peak.
They stream down Earth's magnetic field lines, enter at Earth's north and south poles, and produce the aurora borealis--the spectacular curtain of light seen year-round in the atmosphere near the poles.
Instead of penetrating the glass, neutrons stream down these channels, repeatedly reflected by their smooth, inner walls.
Because of SmartVideo's unique ability to stream down to a 23.
He was like a second father to me,'' Tapia said as tears began to stream down her face.
The Company further demonstrated its broadcast technology, which technology compresses a 4-6 megabit MPEG2 stream down to one megabit without material degradation of broadcast quality.
Celebrating the 61st Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival, more than 100 entries will stream down Lancaster Boulevard Saturday in the 1999 fair parade.
The software allows the user to deconstruct an MPEG-2 Transport or Program, or MPEG-1 System stream down to its elementary video and audio components and examine the timing relationship between them.
One National Guardsman was but a few words into his a cappella performance of the National Anthem in Glendale when tears started to stream down the veterans' faces.
4 modem, StreamWorks will scale a media stream down to 12 kilobits per second (kbps), with audio using 8 kbps, and video using 4 kbps.
Plus there is a lovely stream down there, where we had lunch.
It's kind of like watching a slow earthquake,'' Spooner said, while looking at rocks stream down crevices in the hill.
The tears began to stream down her face, showing the pain only a few know.