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The biological processes in a stream are driven by two factors: the sun, which provides energy for algae and bryophytes such as mosses, and the vegetation debris--the leaves, branches, and logs that fall into the stream--which provides energy for the microorganisms that remove the nitrogen and phosphorus from the stream water.
Additionally, a corporate commitment to single stream has been made by several large collection/processing companies, nationwide and regionally.
The long shadow of past land use makes sense to stream ecologist Stanley V.
The result: Erosion is quickly reduced, the stream bank is stabilized, cow manure is kept out of the stream, and the water begins to run clearer.
Magnetic and air separation systems, as well as quick and accurate hand sorters, help further separate this stream by its steel, aluminum and numbers one and two plastic component parts.
Stream computing leverages sophisticated massively parallel processors generally used to calculate and render millions of pixels onto computer monitors, hundreds of times each second for 3D graphics applications.
When they first try single stream, it's with older collection methods.
Stream has a proven history of developing and investing in leading-edge technology and that history has helped lead to our partnership with Intervoice," said Katherin Dockerill, senior vice president of marketing and business strategy at Stream.
The webcast kits include a VBrick appliance to stream live Windows Media audio and video; VBPresenter, which provides seamless PowerPoint and related multimedia content; a video camera, and a prepaid streaming service.
The first is an initial sort by people to remove any unwanted garbage that made it in the stream, plus the hand sorting removes any cardboard.
Management believes that by continuing this strategy of implementing strong fiscal and operational controls to maximize efficiencies within Stream together with its continued focus on increasing revenues, it will achieve positive EBITDA for the fourth quarter 2005.
Speedera's enhanced security capabilities for Flash video open up new opportunities and give content providers a safe, secure way to stream content for revenue generation online.
The top five streaming video brands, represented by multiple sites across a variety of content categories accounted for 68% of total share in 2004, based on data contained in the report Stream Video Share 2004: A Site and Brand Analysis.
amp; CAMBRIDGE, England -- When Tadpole Technology (LSE:TAD) announced an agreement to acquire Stream Theory, it quietly signaled a major event in the streaming-software industry.