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He was quite willing to satisfy our curiosity, and in a few minutes we learned that the Streak had come in after dark from San Francisco; that this was what might be called the trial trip; and that she was the property of Silas Tate, a young mining millionaire of California, whose fad was high-speed yachts.
It was our good fortune to leave the Streak when we did, for a little later one of the spy fishermen appeared.
We ran the few steps to the side of the Streak and jumped aboard.
The Streak was pulsing and vibrating and roaring like a thing alive.
He just went out like a streak and cleaned up all the little local fellows.
Littleton's loss to Lunenburg a week ago prevented the Tigers from joining the 20-win club among the top winning streaks in Central Mass football history.
In 2014, MLBAM will give fans even more ways to play and opportunities to win as they build streaks toward the now mythical goal of a 57-game hitting streak.
Since high school and college sports are our business, we like to think that we're pretty knowledgeable and informed when it comes to winning streaks and historical events.
It could be argued that shorter streaks in leagues where it's harder to reach the playoffs might be more significant.
Rocks and clumps of dust shed by the comet as it approaches the sun burn up in the planet's atmosphere, where they appear as streaks.
APPLICATION: The slice knife can generate streaks by producing streamwise vortices in flow entering the wire section of a paper machine.
Black and brown streaks and splay are among the most common ills seen in polycarbonate parts (see PT, Nov.
There is a widespread consensus that the more fatty streaks you have, and the thicker they get, the more likely they are to go on to fibrous plaques," says McGill.
Many coaches have built streaks on the collegiate and scholastic level, however, in this age of job turnover the number is decreasing.