lucky streak

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*lucky streak

 and *streak of luck
Fig. a series of lucky wins in gambling or games. (*Typically: be on ~; have ~.) Thanks to a lucky streak, I won enough in Las Vegas to pay for the trip.
See also: lucky, streak
References in classic literature ?
Then I went down to the wharf and hid my things aboard the up-river boat that we had picked out, and then started back and had another streak of luck.
Keith M's streak of luck started back in November of last year when he won GBP6,570 while playing the brand new Thunderstruck Mobile Video Slot Game.
More recent additions to this body of literature include the finely nuanced portrait by award-winning author Matthew Josephson, Edison: A Biography (1959), and biographer Robert Conot's A Streak of Luck (1979), in which Conot deftly shows how throughout his life Edison engaged in many projects simultaneously.
This handsome guy, however, believes he came this far on account of a streak of luck.
This story comes from A Streak of Luck, the title of which refers to an Edison comment in 1869: "I'll never give up for I may have a streak of luck before I die.
A GOOD Samaritan has enjoyed an amazing streak of luck since he did a stranger a big favour.
Matchup: The Avengers (3-10) are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but they would need a monumental streak of luck to earn the 12th and final spot in the 17-team league.
Your numbers show your husband is about to have an amazing streak of luck and needs you.
But like any gamble, you have to wonder if the system is really that good, or if it has been riding on a streak of luck.
Despite his unfortunate streak of luck, Mr Sirpal said he considered himself to be lucky.
It's been an incredible streak of luck,'' said economist Paul Getman of Regional Financial Associates in West Chester, Pa.
BURGLAR Anthony Prendergast's streak of luck ran out yesterday when he was jailed for eight years.