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They had the same ideas, or lack of, and the same colour hair--a like dyed strawy.
If it's steaming or yellow and strawy, it's too young.
Something to crow about: Ebony Harris and Yaelle Tannlou with their scarecrow Strawy.
And go through the sets and discard any which are soft, pick off any long, strawy bits which the birds will use to pull the sets out of the ground after planting.
VEGETABLE peelings, fruit waste, teabags, plant prunings, grass cuttings, old straw and hay, crushed eggshells, wood ash, cardboard, strawy manures, vegetarian pet bedding, egg boxes, poultry manure, young weeds.
Drainage of clay soils can often be improved by treating with lime or by incorporating bulky matter such as strawy manure, compost, leaf mould and peat.