strangle at birth

strangle something at birth

to stop something at an early stage of its development Plans to provide better nursery care are being strangled at birth by lack of funding.
See also: birth
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The BBC's planned incursion into online news and video could strangle at birth these vital plans we have put in place to ensure our survival in the digital age.
Failure to extend the BES will strangle at birth the next wave of Irish technology start ups," he added.
He said: "There's nothing wrong with them being members, but involving them in policy is a conflict of interest, guaranteed to strangle at birth any change that's against the status quo.
Between them, they planned to strangle at birth the Bank ofScotland's entry into the Irish market.
However, the obvious antagonism between Sinn Fein and the Ulster Unionists is just one element of the disagreements which could strangle at birth the hopes of the assembly.