strain off of

strain something off of something

 and strain something off
to remove the excess or unwanted liquid from something. The cook strained the grease off the cooking juices. The cook strained off the grease.
See also: of, off, strain
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When properly placed, the weight of the ladder is displaced allowing your ladder to easily maneuver and keep strain off of your back.
to keep the strain off of your neck so your stomach is forced to do the work.
If you're overweight, losing even a few pounds takes the strain off of hips, knees and feet.
You want to choose the most active files to place on the Solid State Accelerator, of course, to take the strain off of the disks where the I/O bottlenecks are the worst.
Bell Heads" contend that Internet providers don't pay a fair share of infrastructure development costs; "Net Heads" accuse phone companies of withholding ISDN and xDSL technology that would take the immediate strain off of the infrastructure.
The solid outings by Beck and Morgan helped take some of the strain off of a staff depleted by injuries.
Used in combination with the keyboard, it's a great way to increase efficiency in Microsoft(R) Office(R) applications and to take some of the strain off of the mouse hand.
With judicious use of limited budgets we introduced the Quill Well Mouse Mat that reduced the friction between mouse and mouse mat and Nib click-less software that effectively made the mousing task hands free, taking all the physical strain off of the small muscles that are most prone to RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.